How we move to the other side of the world

Our story continues. Last week we booked our flights and now we know: we will step on south african soil again on the 5th of october. Also last week we recieved our visas - thank God everything went smooth there. We are excited to fill you in on what happend and what will happen next. 

This is what we organised in the past few weeks:

  • The flights are booked! 
  • The visas arrived - it went so smooth we can hardly believe it
  • At the embassy we were told that I will be allowed to work after all if I get a job offer job. This does not change our impression that it will be my job to create our home and our new family life. We will see from there. 
  • Our furniture got to our friend safely. She is starting a new life alone with three small kids and is very happy to have some support. And helping her makes us happy too.
  • The boys said their goodbyes at kindergarden
  • I finished work too. Saying goodbye to a job that I really liked was harder than I thought and very emotional
  • I ordered some more travelling bags because we finally decided how much luggage we will take: Each of us will take one extra bag. 8x23kg - that`s it! Most of our things we are giving away or selling. Only some few things we will store at my parents place. 
  • My uncle gave us his car to use until we leave the coutry. THANK YOU so much, this is such a big help to us
  • In the last week of august our boys will visit my parents in Switzerland. This way Vernon and I have our hands free to focus on emptying and cleaning our apartment. 

Thank you so much for all your help and for every prayer. Thank you for so much help and encouragement in every way. 

We are touched deeply to see how our friends and family react to our plans. Mostly positive. Sometimes also concerned but understanding. We feel very happy to recieve such feedback.

Our plans until october

  • Now already and until the 20th of august I am at home with Ettienne and William. We are enjoying summer and seeing friends almost every day. Also saying our good-byes and packing here and there, whenever I get to do it. And of course this website also needs some love and attention - especially because I am still busy building it.
  • Our thing we sort into three categories:
    1. what we take with
    2. what we give away or will sell
    3. trash
  • On the 5th of august friends of ours organised a charity event here in the area to support us
  • On the 20th of august we will take Ettienne and William to my parents in Switzerland
  • And that is when things here get most serious: from the 21st until the 27th of august we will be emptying our apartment and that's when we need your help. So wether you have planned to help us all along or if you are spontanious: please let us know and we'll make a plan
  • Our goal is to have our place empty and clean on sunday evening (27.8.)

We certainly cannot complain about having a boring time here. This moving across the world is just as much work as you would imagine. 

Since we are not going the average way (We are not shipping anything. We rather give our things away here trusting that we'll be good there too) there are very many uncertainties to sort out. Many phone calls and lots of researching. The fact that things are still moving on so smooth confirms us in our ways. We still are convinced that we are doing the right thing. 

"If God is for us - who could possibly be against us?" Romans 9:31

Still to be sorted...

Many things still need to be sorted out so our adventure can continue. Many things that we have no - or hardly any - influence on. Many things that force us to be very patient.

For example:

  • A job for Vernon (preferably in event management somewhere in Joburg)
  • A house that will become the home to all of us
  • A car of course and it should be a 7-seater

These three things are difficult to find from Germany. Not impossible. But difficult for sure. And now it is still too soon anyway. We will need to be patient and we'll need help. So if you come across a place/ job/ car or other things we will need- please let us know. Thank you! God has brought us so far and he will not let us down now. Or ever. That is one thing I am sure of.


Well, now you read this far. I am glad that our story somehow caught you. Thank you for your interest. 


Much love, 



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