New beginnings | How we arrived in Joburg

Good morning,

it is our fifth day in Johannesburg and time for an update. So many of you asked how and what we are doing now, that we ive in Johannesburg. Thank you for your interest. I gladly give you what I have at this moment. Which is my story of how things look and what we do, now that we just arrived. Everything else will grow over time and I will write more as our future unfolds.

Preparations and good byes

The whole of September was filled with preparations. Seeing family and friends to make memories. Vernon was still working half of September while I stayed at my parents place ith the kids. This was the best solutions since we didn't have our flat anymore (We had given away/ sold everything in August). The time in Switzerland - where most of my family stays - was good as well as exhausting.

There were still so many uncertainties concerning our future! We were sure God would help us take care of everything - but when? 

Well, God did proof himself worthy of our trust - once again. twice we were pointed at the Stadtmission Johannesburg - a german speaking church here in Joburg that we had never heard of before. But two friends that did not know each other yet both said we should contact this church? That did not sound like a coincident. So I wrote to the pastor and told him out story.

And a few weeks later the Stadtmission said they would like to help us and also get to know us. They offered us a place and a car until the ed of the year!! Just like that. We could this place as our base to get everything rolling once we are here. There are two young woman staying at the facilities as well. We share the lounge and the kitchen but we do have two rooms and a bathroom to ourselves. Fantastic!! This solution is better than everything we could hope for, it gives us time to find our way around here. We could focus on finding a job and gettings Vernons passport in time.

Passport and Job

 Vernon applied for many jobs during the past month and also had some interviews. Long story short: he got a job! Less than one week before we moved to South Africa he got accepted and will meet his employer soon to sign the contract. Halleluja! - once again.


The passport story was even more exciting. Vernons had applied for a new passport because his old one would expire right in the beginning of October. The very helpful lady at the Embassy was confident, that he'd recieve the new passport in time. But when? We strongy believed, that after putting everything else into place, God would not allow our whole project to fail here. And that is how it was. 

Vernon went to Munich to organize and emergency passport on friday the 29th of September. After running around in the city to get all documents, copies and statements he stood in line at the South African Embassy. When it was his turn, he was informed, that they had sent his passport already ont he 27th! Just - we hadn't recieved it. So what now?

He called me on his way back from Munich. That was when I posted on facebook and asked for prayer to get the passport in time. Not even a half an hour later our former neighbour called me and asked, when we'd come to empty our mailbox. She said there was also a slip for the post, saying that a document was delieverd the day before and we had to fetch it. Exactly. This could only be the passport!! How amazing is God? Vernon drove straight there and held his new passport in his hands a few hours later. God answered so quick! Why did our neighbour call me on that day? She never called me before. I am certain that it was God. And I am forever grateful that he shows his care every day and in every way.

Flight and arrival

Well, we hardly slept. So after a bad nights sleep and waiting forever to get through passport control we finally got here. The whole family came to pick us up! Through the rain we drove to the house we're now staying at. And we were amazed. God just knows what is best. This place is just what we need as our base. 

Now that we had a house and a car, a job and all our traveling documents we were ready to go! 

The weekend before we left, we attended my cousins wedding. the perfect opportunity to see our family again. Then we spent some days with wonderful friends in Stuttgart before a friend took us to the airport on wednesday afternoon, the 4th of October.


We checked in and gave up our luggage. No difficulties, everything went smooth. We went to the visitors Plattform to watch the planes and were stunned by the business of the Munich Airport. The boys were amazed and got so excited to get on a plane themselves! My parents came to see us off and soon we boarded. Ettienne was thrilled to finally be on the plane! Vernon and I were relieved that everything has worked out in time. And we were hoping for some propper sleep and  smooth flight. 

We arrived here and were welcomed so friendly. We instantly felt comfortable. 
Showering was followed by some minutes of rest. 
And off we went again to meet the our family. They had all gathered at Omas house to welcome us. We drove there and had the chance to catch up. The kids met their cousins - for the first time ever. And instantly got along. 

When we left we were exhausted. And convinced to be doing the right thing. It's good to be here and to be able to help. 

We slept. For 14 hours (Vernon) and for 10 hours (the boys and me). Happy to be here now. Happy to have followed God's calling and curious to see what else he ja for us. 


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