About us


Thank you for coming past and finding te english section of our mostly german homepage. 

The website grew more and more to be a german site because Germany is the place that we left to move to Johannesburg. And german is my mother tongue and even after so many years it still comes easier to me.

I am Elisabeth. I am 32 and was born in Germany, went to school in Switzerland and fell in love in South Africa. I love beauty, especially where others dont find it. I trust and love my God and throughout my life I can see him writing my story. And one thing I can say for sure: He writes beautiful stories. 


Since this homepage is mostly german I encourage you to follow me on Instagram! Thats where I write in english. Instagram and Facebook


I am mama of Ettienne & William and wife of the amazing Vernon. I studied to be a kindergarden teacher and youth pastor and I worked at a family centre as a consultant until recently. Now I am staying at home and making our home. I am preparing to start studying again in september and I am very excited about it! I will do my master of arts in the field of "development studies".


Vernon studied to be an event manager and is currently working as a project manager at the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg. He is working is his job by day and by night in his family. 


Our boys go to an english speaking creche here around the corner. They learnt to speak english in just a few month and the adapted very well to our new life.


Also with us is our niece, Caitlin, 13. Having a teenager around is something completely new and different. So different from having smaller kids! A wonderful challenge with many rewards. Jonathan, 16, our nephew, was supposed to stay with us as well but he didn´t want to .


That´s us. We are happy that you are interested in our family. Please browse our page and ask me if you have any questions. I would love to talk to you!


Love, Elisabeth