Three kinds of support

We are changing the world. And that can never be done alone. We're well aware of the fact that we depend on Gods grace. If it is on your heart, to support our vision in one way or another - thank you very much. Here are three ways of how you can join in. 

1. Practical help

Not long ago we moved across the whole world. Now we are setteling in but lots of things are still uncertain. We have to find our ways around here. So if you want to contribute to that in whatever way - please let us know!


2. Prayer

We can not acchieve much on our own. But with God we can.

Please pray for:

  • Setteling in to our new home
  • Learning and speaking English (Ettienne and William)
  • That I would learn to drive here
  • Vernons new job
  • Building relationships


3. Financial help

Moving is expensive. And so is life in South Africa. We do expect money to be tight in the first year. But we do believe that God will provide for all our needs. Just like he always has. If you do want to support our vision financially you can do this via:

  Elisabeth und Vernon Scholtz 

  Postbank Dortmund

  IBAN: DE48 4401 0046 0928 4104 61