The Scholtz' adventure

The Scholtz' adventure · 10. Oktober 2017
Good morning, it is our fifth day in Johannesburg and time for an update. So many of you asked how and what we are doing now, that we ive in Johannesburg. Thank you for your interest. I gladly give you what I have at this moment. Which is my story of how things look and what we do, now that we just arrived. Everything else will grow over time and I will write more as our future unfolds.
The Scholtz' adventure · 30. Juli 2017
Our story continues. Last week we booked our flights and now we know: we will step on south african soil again on the 5th of october. Also last week we recieved our visas - thank God everything went smooth there. We are excited to fill you in on what happend and what will happen next.

The Scholtz' adventure · 30. Mai 2017
In September 2017 we will move from Germany to South Africa with our children and four suitcases. Our niece and nephew will be staying with us there and were are excited to see Gods hand at work in our family!