Why we are moving from Germany to South Africa as a family

May 2017. We've got news and big news. We are moving to South Africa in September!!

We would really love to take you with in our suitcases, show you where we stand at the moment, let our hearts out - best would be personally. Sounds easier than it is. That's why we decided to create this homepage. To tell our family story. 

How it all began

Elisabeth and I have been living in Stuttgart the past seven years. Our two boys, Ettienne who is almost four now and William, who just turned two. The past couple of years have not been easy. But Gods grace is beautiful and something that I personally really can not complain about, we have always had what we need and often more.

In the back of our minds it was always an option to move from Germany to South Africa if the time would be right. But when would that be? We knew that when the time was there we would both know it. We wouls agree that this was Gods plan for us at that point and we would have the same vision about the reasons for us going there.

And now the time has come. 

Why now?

My nieces and nephews have been living with my mother Eleanor since they were babies. In my teenage years I was the only male figure in the house, helping out as best I could before I moved to Germany. Since then my sister continued doing her absolute best to bring stability into the family but it is not enough any more.

My mother is 66 and is still working two jobs because she is the only bread winner in the house. Getting up everyday at six in the morning to put a roof over everyone's heads and food on the table. She has been living with diabities for over ten years and is not in good health. After so many years she is burnt-out. She has not the energy or patience that is required to raise Elke (4), Samantha (8), Caitlyn (12) and Jonathan (15) in a good way.

In the past years we tried to catch a few things over the phone and help as good as we could from Germany but that is no longer enough.

In February this year my niece Samantha (8) passed away of HIV /AIDS. That has left a deep mark on all of us. My sister Robertha (42), the childrens mother, passed away in April this year, also of HIV/AIDS. She lived on the streets and in informal settlements for many years and had no relationship with any of her children.

The atmosphere in our family is not healthy. Something has to happen, change has to happen. My nieces and nephew need a perspective and ambitions. And my mother needs to be able breath again. We all need to breathe again.

Our Vision

Ellie and I think the best solution is to move to South Africa with our own family. Elke, Caitlyn and Jona can live with us. Be a part of our family. We wanna show them how family life can also be. We want to be there when they come from school, listen to them and be there for them. Elisabeth and I want to be great role models and support them every step of the way.

That is so important at the moment in South Africa because there is a big acceptance to the feeling that there is no perspective in life. Life has so much to offer! But the good and important role models are missing. Many young people don't know the power they have in their hands. They wake up everyday with no goals and do the next best thing that everyone else is doing. Before they know it, they are no longer going to school and can't go to college... and this cycle continues in each new generation.

But how could they know, what could be - if no one tells them? How could they do it, if no one shows them how to?

We have a vision for what could be. We believe in a goal in life that is bigger than we are. We believe that God wants to show through us, what can be and what he can do.

"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world." 

Nelson Mandela

3 Ideas how to be part of our story

If you would like to be a part of our Story we have three idea of how you could make this possible.



Prayer carries the unseen and through prayer mountains are moved. We have so many things that need to get done and this is our list:

- everything that needs to be prepared in Germany and in RSA.

- for a good Job

- for a big enough house in an area we all feel at home in.

- for a car that fits our lifestyle

- for the family situation at the moment with Jona, Caitlyn, Elke and my Mother.

- that our moving and monthly costs are continually covered

- for Elisabeth and the boys to have a good integration in Johannesburg


Practical help.

Are you good with visas? Schools? Kids? Real estate? Could you some how help us with ur expertise? Also kind words and encouraging messages. Whatever is on your heart to do might be exactly the thing we need. 


Financial support.

To move internationally is expensive, that's why we will not take much over and build our new home there piece by piece. If it's on your heart to help us financially, please approach us personally or go to soziales-für-familie-scholtz. This is a fundraising link which a good friend of ours created for us - Thank you Moe! 


Thank you for your help in whatever way.

Will we stay in touch?

We certainly hope so!! If we gave a chance to meet up in person while we still live in Germany- awesome! Please come past and visit us. And once we live in Johannesburg- please come visit if you live close by or spend your holidays there...


And of course, there is also the lovely way of connecting with us through our contact form. We are happy to hear from you. 


Yours sincerely,

Vernon and Elisabeth

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